Environmentally Sustainable & Functionally Superior Textiles

Textiles from plant and agriculture waste like hemp, flax, himalayan nettle, banana stem etc.

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We at Canva Fibre Labs LLP are building a integrate natural fibres textiles company. We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the world's second largest polluting industry - textiles.

Fibre Labs is enabling the textile industry to provide the hemp, ramie, banana etc. textiles to masses. Our proprietary technology to convert plants and agriculture waste into functionally superior textile fibre.

To see how we are revolutionizing impact and usage, see our triple bottom-line focus:

Economic Impact

Across the globe, there is a rising demand for natural fibres because its superior functional qualities and low ecological footprint. (See - ‘Why Us?’ for more details). Additionally, India imports nearly 12,000 crore of natural fibre textiles every year in spite of having such an amazing biodiversity of natural fibres. At Canva Fibre Labs LLP, we work with natural fibres with the aim of making India a net exporter of natural fibre textiles.

Environmental Impact

Textile is the second largest polluting industry on the planet behind oil and gas. Canva Fibre Labs uses industrial hemp, ramie and other natural fibres that have minimal ecological footprint. (See - ‘Why Us?’ for more details).

Social Impact

In case of bast fibres and especially hemp, every part grown can be sold and it is proved to be the best cash crop almost making an average Indian farmer’s income four times. In case of banana, we provide additional income to farmer families by buying the fibre they would have otherwise burnt or discarded as waste. These farmers are in economic distress and such innovation help them with earn the saviour amount. Overall, owing to high international demand of sustainable product, it will lead to increase in employment as well as exports.

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